Concerned Your Pharmacogenomics Program will Go This Well?

Honestly, you SHOULD BE!

When I first ventured into pharmacogenomics (PGx)

5 years ago, this is how I felt at the end of year one.

Despite successfully directing clinical pharmacy programs and pharmacy operations for 15 years, I hit unforseen, as well as, EXPENSIVE bumps on the road as I navigated what was a total wild, wild west in pharmacy. From choosing my PGx education sources, to navigating PGx laboratory vendors who were in business one day and gone the next, to searching for what was the sparse evidence based research necessary to prove PGx's clinical utility to clinicians and its financial utility to CFOs, to defining myself as a PGx clinician and not simply a salesperson looking to make a fast dollar, to learning who the payers are who are most vested in financially driving the improved clinical outcomes and healthcare cost savings pharmacogenomics can produce ........ to ensuring I would be paid for my services.......

I was blazing the PGx trail long before PGx became the "cool" trend in pharmacy!

As a pharmacogenomics advocate, I want to empower your business to Avoid the potholes on the road to your successful pharmacogenomics business venture.

inGENeious Rx will work one on one with your business to strategically design, source with vetted vendors, integrate and scale your program to best fit your business goals.

Use my lessons learned as your road map to success. 

Dr. Becky Winslow, Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy, Certified Test2Learn(™) Pharmacogenomics Educator, Graduate Pharmacogenomics Certification, 20 year Clinical and Pharmacy Operations Director, Pharmacogenomics Business Consultant



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